Guntastic Puppy academy


Are you worried about leaving your puppy when you have to  

go to work?


I have the perfect service for you!
I can visit your puppy  (I can do as many visits as needed) from £18
Your puppy will get a mix of play, training, grooming and environmental session.
This is where I take your puppy to anywhere that is busy e.g shopping centre, bus station, vets (weighing)
These are things that puppy owners need help with but do not have time to do themselves.
To book you need to fill out an application form
Click on the link and email me your completed application  to
Are you thinking of getting a puppy?
Are you worried your future puppy will be uncontrollable and become a regretful mistake?
I can help with my 'How to have the Pawfect puppy' consultations where I offer 3 sessions to guide you through the planning to get a puppy and actually getting the puppy.
If you would like to 'get it right from the start' then email me on to book an appointment. I have limited slots so book NOW!