Award Winning Gundog Walking Specialist that's me

11/04/2019 18:42
Oh my god, my return journey back from sunderland actually went to plan. 
I had such a blast.
It was so great to let my hair down and not worry about being a mum, daughter or girlfriend.
It was just me for the weekend.
I even won an award which I was over the moon about.
Hopefully I will win more in the future.
I did have a blonde moment on the way to sunderland. 
I was going down the escalators, I went to put my Oyster card back in my pocket
when I didn't hold on to my case like a numpty  and it fell down the escalators.
Thankfully a very kind person stopped my case from going any further.
Phew I felt like a rather idiot.
There is something about surrounding yourself with like minded individuals. 
I found this out when I hosted Canine first aid Course with Rachel Bean.
I sat there and I looked around and thought 'I made this happen' 
Everyone chatting and enjoying themselves.
I am hoping to do the same on 1st June when Trevor Cooper will be coming
to West Wickham to talk about his doglaw Seminar.
A few people at the weekend were saying how entertaining the Seminar was.
You will be in for a treat.
The tickets are £20.
There are limited spaces. Selling like hot cakes so you need to get  in quick.
It would be great to see you all there.


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Harriet x