Are you legally blonde when it comes to doglaw?

11/04/2019 16:04
I will let you into a little secret.
I was once a legal eagle now I walk gundogs for living.
I had my heart set on becoming a criminal barrister. I used to
enjoy taking part in Mock trials, we got to wear legal gowns and
wigs. One Saturday, we were competing in a mock trial finals, a
real life court in Maidstone. I was cross - examining a witness. I
was asking so many probing questions that the witness actually
cried in the witness box. I don't usually make a habit of making
people cry, but I did enjoy watching him squirm. I knew I had a
strong agreement and he had nothing. I often get asked why I
left the legal profession, well I would rather wipe a dog's paw
than a lawyer's arse.
I'm going to put my legal hat on now.
Potential doglaw issues arise on a daily basis. Don't get caught
out and come to my doglaw seminar that I am hosting on
Saturday 1st June. It will save your money. Best not to come a
cropper. You will know what to do if the worse happens.
It will make you a better owner and your dog will love you for it.
If you would like to book then visit
Hope to see you all there
Harriet x