Gundog Adventures



Do you love your gundog but you have to go to work so your dog is left all alone and bored?

I guessing he has probably found his own fun which is not to your liking.

You need someone to exercise your dog.

Exercise that is specific to his breed

You need my Gundog adventures.


I don't just take them out for a piss.

I take them on specialised individual walks, this gives your dog one to one care.

Every walk is tailored to your dog's individual needs.

If your dog is anxious or nervous. I can put a plan in place to make sure he feels comfortable and safe when he is out with me.

Being safe and having fun is on top of my priority list and I'm sure it's on yours as well.


I am not like other dog walkers. I go on different adventures every day. I give lots of interaction, play breed specific games such as 'find it', scent and retrieving games.

I work on obedience training. 

My aim is to bring him back better behaved.

Also do agility training as well.



You can choose from;

30 mins - Guntastic Golden Oldies this is ideal for older dogs - £18


1 hour - Guntastic Adventures - £25


1 hour and 30 mins- Ultimate Guntastic Adventure- £30


Each adventure  will leave your dog tired and happy until  you come home 100% guaranteed.


I have limited spaces so you need to fill out an application form.

Client application form.


Click on the link and email me your completed form to





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    What my Clients say
'I liked Harriet as soon as I met her. You could instantly tell how much she loves animals and Nahla loved her very first visit. Harriet is reliable, trustworthy and most importantly, she makes you feel like your pet is the most important in the whole world! I wouldn't have anyone else care for Nahla. So happy that we found Harriet.' - Gemma (Nahla's mum)
'Harriet has been walking our 15 month German Shepherd, Roxy, for 3 months now. She is professional, flexible and looks after Roxy as if she is her own. She provides regular updates and has saved us a lot of stress and worry as we know we can completely rely on Harriet when we are out at work. Roxy is a nervous dog and can be difficult to manage around other dogs. Harriet is more than capable of looking after her though and has given us lots of helpful tips and advice. I would highly recommend Harriet to anyone looking for someone to walk their dog. Fantastic service!' - Lizzie (Roxy's mum)
'Herbert loves Harriet and she has really helped with his training especially his lead work and agility. Its nice to have someone who you can trust with your dog'- Sarah (Herbert's mum)