Felinetastic Feeds


Do you hate the thought of putting your cat in a cattery?

Do you have an elderly or nervous cat who would prefer their own environment?

A cat service that provides more than just putting food down.

You can choose from 15, 30 and 45 minute visit

Prices start from £16

On each visit, I will;

  •  feed as instructed by owner.
  •  give medication if necessary (owners would need to  sign medicine permission form)
  •  change litter trays 
  •  give fresh water
  •  grooming
  •  health check 
  •  daily log recorded everyday
  •  lots of cuddles and playtime.
  •  give a 'lived in' appearance such as tidy up post, switching light on/off,  draw curtains and also water plants etc.
  •  daily updates and photos

I offer a bread and milk service when you arrive home. Just ask at the Meet and greet and I will arrange this for you.

If you would like to book then you need to fill out an application form

Cat Client application form.

Click on the link and then email me your completed form to info@pawtasticpetsitting.co.uk