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Completely useless and unrealistic

16/04/2019 16:00
  Over the past few months, I have been reading alot of puppy books. Some of them are completely useless and unrealistic. Like 'how to toilet train your puppy in 7 days' News just in. There is no way, that will happen. Depends on breed, age of puppy and routine used by...

Award Winning Gundog Walking Specialist that's me

11/04/2019 18:42
Oh my god, my return journey back from sunderland actually went to plan.  I had such a blast. It was so great to let my hair down and not worry about being a mum, daughter or girlfriend. It was just me for the weekend. I even won an...

What dangers to avoid at Easter

11/04/2019 16:58
We have all done it, haven't we? You have a chocolate Easter egg, man's best friend is looking at you with sad eyes. Watching every piece of chocolate you lift to your mouth and you feel sorry for him. Awww those eyes you say to yourself, so you give him...

Are you legally blonde when it comes to doglaw?

11/04/2019 16:04
I will let you into a little secret. I was once a legal eagle now I walk gundogs for living. I had my heart set on becoming a criminal barrister. I used to enjoy taking part in Mock trials, we got to wear legal gowns and wigs. One Saturday, we were competing in a mock trial finals,...
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